[UNSTABLE] Glad Giraffe Patch Notes!

Hey everyone! A new unstable build is upon us! This means that a new stable build is nearly here. Need a reminder of how unstable updates work? Here you go!

  • We automatically upload everything we’ve changed in-game to the opt-in Nightly branch each night.
  • When we’ve completed the update we’ve been working on, we push the update to the Unstable branch. You can learn more about opting in to the Unstable branch here.
  • When we’re sure that the update isn’t causing crashes or terrible bugs, we push the update to the Stable branch.

Click ‘read more’ for a changelog listing the most significant changes we’ve made to the game since the last patch!

Screenshot 2015-11-04 15.59.00


  • Vehicles are a work in progress! You can purchase/repair them at the outpost, but the repair UI is… definitely WIP.
  • Some one-handed, unique and biome weapons which still use the old system will be replaced in a future patch



    • Weapons
      • Generated and tiered two-handed weapons now have special abilities that can be activated using right click. Many (45+) possible abilities are available for various classes of ranged and melee weapons!
        • Yes, some guns now have flashlights
      • Change to hammer mechanics: hold left click to wind up, release to fire
      • Change to spear mechanics: continue holding left click after a swing to keep the spear out to fend off enemies
      • Several new classes of hard-to-find unique weapons: boomerangs, chakrams and fist weapons. Find blueprints to upgrade these weapons into even more powerful and specialized versions!
      • A few miscellaneous unique weapons and items such as flamethrowers and remote-detonated grenade launchers
    • Major changes to monster and NPC combat mechanics
      • Lots of new unique monsters found throughout the galaxy
      • Hostile monsters now damage the player on touch
      • Knockback is more powerful and reliable
      • Monsters have clearer ‘telegraphing’ to indicate when they are about to attack
      • Remade shields and improved blocking mechanics
      • Replaced electric stun status effect with Electrified, which periodically damages other nearby enemies
    • Vehicles
    • New system for player-controlled vehicles which can be spawned and despawned using Vehicle Controllers (acquired at the Outpost)
    • Hoverbikes!
      • Great for travelling across planet surfaces quickly!
      • They include a passenger seat so you can transport your friends!
      • Come in several attractive colors!
      • Drive carefully to avoid blowing yourself up!
    • Coming Soon! – Boat and Mech vehicles replace previous tech equivalents
    • Repair your vehicles using auto chips, which can be found in the world or purchased at the Outpost
    • Quests
      • Quest givers’ portraits are shown on quest dialogs and in the log
      • Colonists now occasionally give players new procedural quests to help improve their house or social standing
      • The abandon button can be used on procedural quests and the same quests can now be declined
    • Added lots of biome content to Tier 5 (frozen) worlds
      • New ‘Midnight’ planets
      • New ‘Frozen’ planets (replaces Tundra)
      • Prism, Steam Spring, and Hive sub biomes
      • Lots of new microdungeons and other improvements to all underground biomes, including background caves and parallaxes
    • Loads of item descriptions have been fixed/replaced/added, including lots of Novakid ones!
    • Too many new objects, items, costumes, colony tenants, etc. to list
    • Too many bug fixes, item tweaks, and balance changes to list