26th November – Turkey Day!

Hey everyone!

It’s Thanksgiving today in the US! Though we’re London-based, quite a few of us are Americans, so we’ve started a tradition of making lots of food and getting together for a big turkey dinner after work on Thanksgiving Day.

It’s also just about time for the unstable update, but we’ve had to hold off a liiiiiittle bit longer due to bug fixes. Fixin’ bugs like this one!

alltheironI mean, I’m pretty sure that’s a bug. It’s possible that Tlani is just an overachiever.

If you do celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have an awesome one surrounded by good people and tasty food. <3

P.S – The amazing people at FaceRig have added a free Novakid and Glitch avatar DLC! They’re really cool! Go take a look!