Starbound coming to Xbox Games Pass for PC

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news! Starbound will be releasing December 8th on Xbox Games Pass for PC!! This version is PC only, and identical to other PC versions with the new additions of Xbox achievements, and the ability to invite and join friends through your Xbox Live network.

This is a great chance to try Starbound if you’re an Xbox Games Pass subscriber – and we’re so pleased to have it join the great collection of titles available! It’s a fantastic value at only $9.99 a month and you’ll also gain access to over 100+ wonderful games (aside from our very own Wargroove, we also recommend checking out Carto, Ape Out and Frostpunk).

Last year we shared a number of updates about Starbound’s Xbox console version, which we’d been showing at public events and felt was nearly ready. Our last update was that the console version was suffering from serious performance issues with 3-4 players together in some scenarios and we felt it couldn’t be released to the public in that state. We’ve worked with a number of different developers to try and address this, and have made some progress – but we’re still not confident enough to say when it might be ready. We’ve seen all the requests for an update on console development, and we understand this isn’t the news everyone’s looking for – but we want to address it and reassure we are still working on it with our partners!

We’re also supporting Jingle Jam by Yogscast again this holiday season, where you can grab a bundle with Starbound and some other great titles to support charity! In the meantime, if you want to see what else we at Chucklefish are up to, you can follow us on Twitter here and chat to us in Discord here. Until next time, peacekeepers!