May 19th 2014: What we did today.

Hello! GeorgeV here posting from the new office.  All the movers are moved and we’re pretty settled.

One of the things we discussed today was adding an AI “character” in each ship which would act as a new way to receive certain items, upgrade your ship, give you quests and help you out in general.  There was also talk about giving it a bit of personality, potentially making it based on race and having it upgrade along with the ship.

Obviously this idea is in the early stages.  I’ve only just started planning out the UI.  In fact, here’s a really quick sketch we made on our wall in order to make sure everyone was on the same page:

Yes it is very rough but that’s how everything starts out ;) .

All of this is tentative and is being shared to give you an idea of what we’ve done today. We’ll try to keep you up to speed!