My progress for May 19th

Hi there,

Tiy asked me to write up a short thing about the stuff I worked on today.  Hope you find it a bit interesting.

Today was a bit unusual.  I mostly spent the day removing libraries.  I removed all dependencies on PostGreSQL and OpenSSL.  We no longer link against or call this code.  (Yay!)

Next, I needed to reimplement some stuff to make the code work afterwards.  As a side effect we now have a new class for reading entropy from the OS, which we previously had not done.  We’re using /dev/urandom for OSX and Unix and CryptGenRandom for Windows.

Finally, as part of internal tests, I forced walking while facing the wrong direction.  We might change the penalty into a -.2 movement modifier instead, we’re kinda playing it by ear right now.  But as part of the combat changes we think it might make sense.