17th March – Beam me up!


Here’s a bit of what we’ve been working on today:

  • Metadept and SamuriFerret are working together on implementing the underground challenge gates I mentioned yesterday. Not quite there yet, but we’re getting closer!


  • Tiy’s working on combat changes for the patch after the next upcoming one, and he’s also reworked planet names to be more interesting and memorable.
  • Tom and Healthire are still working on pathfinding!


  • Necotho has been working on more skins for the teleporter shop. I think there was a bit of confusion about these yesterday, though! People seemed to think these teleporters would be replacing the teleporters currently on your ship, which is not the case. :) You’ll be able to buy these teleporters from a shop in the Outpost and place them where ever you’d like– you’ll have a lot of styles to choose from, so you can use whatever floats your boat.

Most of the team has continued their work from yesterday, really, but I thought you’d all be interested in some new screenshots. :)

‘Til tomorrow! <3