18th March – Additionally, my axe.

Evening all! Hope you’re well. <3

Today’s highlights:


  • I mentioned a couple posts ago that Supernorn is working on fancy axes. See above: some of the aforementioned fancy axes!
  • SamuriFerret is redrawing our randomly generated swords in order to better distinguish between rarities, but also just to update the graphics.
  • Rosiedeux is working Starbound’s story into a more easily-digestible timeline infographic for reference, which helps with now that we’re working to further implement the story into the game!
  • GeorgeV and Necotho are still working to make the Outpost’s remote teleporter shop a reality!
  • Metadept is working on improvements to terrain generation!


  • Healthire and Tom are still making improvements to pathfinding– the image above shows all of their pathfinding tests succeeding. :D