A quick post-Rezzed check-in!

Evening everyone!

We had an awesome time showing off Starbound and a handful of the games we’re partnered with at Rezzed this past week! Thanks so much to anyone who attended and said hello! <3 It always feels really rewarding to go to events and watch people play your game in person, and I think we came away with a lot of great feedback– both for Starbound, and for the developers of the other games we brought along.

We gave away quite a few shirts and game keys, as well! I’m looking forward to getting to do more giveaways and contests soon, now that we’ve got some actual merchandise.

We’re back to work today– though I think a few of us are still recovering from convention-flu.

  • Necotho is working on skins for the Outpost’s upcoming remote teleporter shop– yes, player-placeable teleporters!– one of which you can check out above.
  • Supernorn’s been working on fancy axes! We’ll show them off once they’re finished. :D
  • Tom is working on pathfinding bug fixes!

  • SamuriFerret is working on underground challenge gates! These are gates that you’ll find underground, and entering them will take you to a small challenge room. Complete the room to collect shiny loots! Also, explosions as seen above.
  • Kyren is working on… “a series of bugs having to do with exception handling between the server and client, especially locally, it’s also related to a rare out of order message delivery condition, also especially locally, and it involves isolating the server and the client more from each other locally and re-working some of the message passing”.

That’s all I can reveal for today. Catch you tomorrow!