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23rd June – Fenerox

Evening, folks!

Here are some friendly new faces you can meet in Savannah biomes – the Fenerox!


Over on our subreddit, the Build of the Week theme is Hotel. We’d love to see what you come up with! Last week’s theme was Island Houses, and our favorite build was this beautiful ruined island by Dads_!


Additionally! The Steam Summer Sale has just started, and there are a bunch of Chucklefish games on sale! Go check out the Chucklefish blog for more info!

‘Til next time <3

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20th June – Some Indescribable Horror

Erchius fuel is sold at a bit of a premium at the Outpost! While it’s not too costly to buy a little bit of fuel at a time, if you travel often to distant star systems it can really add up.

Most are content to grumble about the cost and give up their hard-earned pixels out of necessity, but an increasing number of adventurers have taken to mining their own fuel from moons. Many of them haven’t returned.

Those who have survived the trip have come back with chilling stories of… creatures… who emerge from pools of liquid erchius, draining the life out of any poor sap who’s come to mine fuel.

Are these indescribable horrors real, or a myth that’s been perpetuated by those who benefit from the sale of erchius fuel?

Is it worth finding out?

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16th June – Dog friends!

Hey everyone!


We’ve done a lot of work on the action bar based on player feedback! You can toggle between two bars now, with each one containing six pairs of left/right slots. It’s tricky to describe, so here’s a gif!

You may want to use your favorite sword/shield combo most of the time, but maybe you’ll find yourself in lots of situations where it’d be useful to have a sword in one hand and a medkit in the other! Or maybe sometimes you’ll want to quickly swap to dual-wielding daggers, or fist weapons! The new action bar makes this far easier.

Also, now you can capture dog friends!

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