Starbound coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One via Game Preview!

August 4, 2015 in Featured, News


We’re super excited to announce that Xbox One owners will be able to play Starbound on console via Xbox One Game Preview for the very first time!

Game Preview on Xbox One is a new way for fans to purchase work-in-progress digital titles and participate in the development process by giving feedback to developers as they continue to update their games.

Starbound has benefited massively from the community’s feedback since we launched on Steam Early Access, with so many of you helping our little team squash bugs and create an overall better sandbox game (thank you! <3). We believe Game Preview provides the best opportunity for us to make Starbound an amazing experience for console gamers as well.

This won’t distract us from Starbound’s continued development for PC, of course, as we’ll have an additional team working on the console version of the game. Ultimately, our goal is to launch Starbound in Game Preview and fine-tune the game for the best possible console experience. Once we reach Starbound 1.0, we’ll start working our way towards porting the game to additional consoles. :)

3rd August – Fairytale Cottage!

August 3, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone,

It’s Monday! Wooooo Monday! People seemed to like our concept art posts awhile back, so here’s a quick sneak peek at some concepts for a future furniture set! :D

I’m really looking forward to having more furniture sets to play around with that aren’t biome-specific — this is one of my favorite concepts so far.

fairytale_cottage_furnitureLet us know what you think!

P.S- I’m super excited about the contest entries so far! By my last count, we’ve already got 130+ entries. Reminder that you’ve got until 14th August to enter. <3

P.P.S- If you haven’t checked out Wanderlust Adventures by Yeti Trunk, you should! It’s coming out on Steam 13th August. :)

31st July – Toxicity

July 31, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured


Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s a snapshot of the new and improved Toxic biome - The last biome we have had to improve for the next upcoming update. These poisonous oceans are all that remains of a vast industrial complex, which lies scattered in pieces across the surface and the ocean floor.

Tell us what you think in the comments. See you all next week!

NEW QUEST: Take a Look, it’s in a Book

July 30, 2015 in Featured, News

Hey, adventurers of the bookish variety! We’ve got a quest for you!


There are countless libraries spanning the cold, infinite void of space and there aren’t enough books to fill them. You can fix this!

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29th July – All-Seeing Eye

July 29, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured


We’re currently working on the final few Tier 4 biomes. This screenshot is of a tower you can find in the Eye sub-biome! The NPCs might look familiar to long-term players — they’ve made appearances in previous versions of the game. :)


Our streams so far have been lots of fun and loads of you have been watching! Here’s an archive of last night’s stream if you missed it.

See you tomorrow! <3

28th July – So you two, uh… dig up dinosaurs?

July 28, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured


Healthire has been working on the long-awaited fossil excavation system! Here’s a UI mock-up — the UI is nearly finished in-game:

fossilgame3And in case you missed it, last night we streamed Starbound while answering questions from the audience and it was loads of fun! We’d like to make this a regular thing, and we’re streaming again any minute now and we’ll be showing off the fossil excavation mini-game, so keep an eye on our Twitch channel!

ChucklefishLive on Twitch

24th July – Get Outta My Swamp

July 24, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Happy Friday!

SupernornSamuriFerret and GeorgeV have improved the swamp biome! Found on jungle planets, the swamp biome is the super spooky home of the frogpeople!


See you on Monday! <3

23rd July – In the Flesh

July 23, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Happy Thursday!

Artists have moved on to tweaking the third tier biomes, like the Flesh and Alien biomes. Here’s a peek at the new and improved Flesh Biome! It… it sure is fleshy.


See you tomorrow! <3

22 July – Grass Inspector

July 22, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured


Metadept has made some improvements to the inspection tool! You can now inspect tile mods and liquids, and the tool will tell you when it’s too dark versus when there’s nothing there. It also doesn’t try to inspect NPCs or monsters because, for now at least, they don’t have descriptions.

Armagon has added a merchant for endgame players who want a quick fix to get the supplies they need and have lots of pixels to burn. It’ll be in the nightly build now, but the prices likely aren’t final!


21st July – Farming Farmables!

July 21, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

Metadept’s implemented a farmables updates — farmables now require water to grow. They consume water from the soil as they grow, and you need to keep watering them in order to keep them growing. They won’t die if they’re not watered, they just won’t grow! ‘Cause they’re space plants. Here’s Metadept doin’ some farmin’.

Meanwhile, biome and microdungeon work is happening, and Kyren’s just changed the way liquids drain and added liquid <-> block interactions.

More on that tomorrow!