24th November – Party Bike

November 24, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hello everyone!

You can now jump into a hoverbike with one of your friends and hover off into the sunset together, to the tune of Haddaway’s “What is Love”. Check it out!

We’re fast approaching an unstable build of the combat update! Keep an eye out. :)

20th November – Fortune and Glory

November 20, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Heyyy it’s Friday!

We’re still ironing out bugs and fixing/tweaking/updating things ahead of the combat update! SamuriFerret has been tweaking some of the existing missions to make them a little more dangerous. Here’s an example!

I’ve been absolutely loving the entries in this week’s community Build of the Week! This build is by DemonDog47 and is called ‘The Quarantined District’. :)


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! <3

18th November – In My Sights

November 18, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

Things that have happened today:

‘Til next time <3

16th November – Lunarang

November 16, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Happy Monday!

This week’s off to a good start, with lots of testing ahead of the upcoming combat update, as well as some work on the story update that’s coming up after that. Here’s a new weapon that’s totally not a boomerang, because it is a Lunarang! Harness the power of Earth’s moon to crush your enemies and stuff!


12th November – Grand Theft Automato

November 12, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a new programmer onboard – say hello to Ian! He’s working on preparing Starbound for Xbox One Game Preview, but in the meantime he has kindly taken the time to set Starbound’s hoverbikes on fire. All of them. There are no more hoverbikes, they are all on fire.

On the combat side of things, here’s a shiny new pair of claws!

10th November – Many Magnificent Microdungeons

November 10, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

Lots of stuff happening this week! Let’s go down the list:

  • Making sure monsters spawn in the right places
  • Tweaking, balancing and testing generated quests
  • More work on vehicles/mechs
  • Several people have started work on the next update, which is story-focused
  • Chickens finally lay eggs, enabling players to cook up more egg-based treats and definitively proving that the chicken came first. That’s just science.
  • Necotho has been creating microdungeons! Lots and lots of microdungeons! Click the image for high-res and check this link for more pretty screenshots. :)



‘Til next time! <3

6th November – Does my Banana Mask look good?

November 6, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Happy Friday!

We’ve talked a lot about working on generated quests, and if you play the nightly build you may have seen some crop up in your colonies! Here’s an example of a new sort of quest that will result in the questgiver wearing a new hat. The idea is that your NPCs will be customized over time via quests.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Let us know what sort of colony quests you’d like to see. :)

5th November – Hemogoblin

November 5, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured


Just a quick monster post today – check out Hemogoblin!

I’ve been doing a bit of testing on generated quests in villages and colonies, and in my travels came across this very sad man living in a sandstone house underground. Poor guy. :(

4th November – Let’s Not Meet

November 4, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

It’s been a busy week so far, with everyone working towards the combat update! Some people have noted that a lot of Starbound’s monsters are really cute, so I thought I’d show you one that… isn’t cute at all.

Meet Orbide.

Or, y’know, don’t meet Orbide, ever. It’s for the best.

‘Til tomorrow! <3

3rd November – Bobfae

November 3, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

In case you missed it, this past weekend Tiy wrote up a long blog post about what to expect from the next couple of updates and beyond. Check it out if you’re interested!

Today, Supernorn and Kyren have been improving the visuals and handling of in-game vehicles. Tccoxon has been working on ironing out some quest gen bugs, and Healthire has implemented more monsters! Bobfae is a flying monster, but his wings get tired pretty quickly…