Treasure Adventure World pre-orders are now LIVE!

Chucklefish is pleased to announce that Robit Studios are now taking pre-orders for their upcoming game, Treasure Adventure World, with a fresh new website and trailer to kick things off!

Pre-ordering doesn’t just give you access to the game when it launches, there’s a whole bunch of rewards for going beyond the first tier! Higher tier rewards include a full download of the game’s soundtrack, access to a private development blog where you get exclusive new media, a signed original sketch from the developer, you could even be put in the game as a fully interactive NPC!

Please give the game a look! Not only is it a lot of fun in its own right, but supporting Treasure Adventure World supports Chucklefish too!

You can pre-order the game here!
And if you want to be an absolute champion, please also vote the game up on Steam Greenlight here!

Thanks guys! Your support is much appreciated!