12th September Update

Waz! Salutations! Hello! It’s my turn to do the update again, please be gentle!

Work has been continuing on the same fronts. Omni’s been doing a ton of back-end stuff to allow for more special items, which judging by what he said, sounded complicated as heck. Bartwe implemented particle effects for death/near death states such as freezing, starvation, etc, and art assets have been supplied in turn. Kyren is working on navigation stuff (sector unlocks, travel logs) and object scripting, the latter of which might sound innocuous, but it paves the way for some really cool things down the line like monster spawners and traps.

On the art side of things, we’re continuing to pump out unique NPCs for dungeons, a couple of which were posted yesterday. It’s a lot of fun being able to return to doing unique NPCs – so far the Apex and Human sets are completed, while all the others have at least one implemented or ready to go.  We’ve had a lot of creative freedom with the unique NPCs we design, which helps a lot with forging different gameplay styles for each dungeon. Much of this is thanks to Jordo, a coder who’s been implementing each of these NPCs specifically with their own unique behaviours and been extremely patient with our reckless artist demands.

I’d divulge more, but at Chucklefish spoilers are kept to a minimum, so you’ll have to wait!

As penance, I leave you with chickens.

And a rare look at what goes on inside our chat:

<@kyren> IIIIII hate OOOOOObjects
<@kyren> booooo Objects
<@kyren> boo Object

Thank you, goodnight! Much love!