10th + 11th September Progress

Heya guys!

I know you’ve been antsy about the lack of daily updates, and yeah, I said I’d make sure we got them back on schedule. Honestly, while we’ve steadily been doing work and making progress this past week, things are still sort of jumbled up because we have a few core team members moving house and taking care of other “real life” stuff (pshhh). Makes it difficult to organize the update posts!

Upon asking Omni what he’s been up to today, he said a lot of things that I did not understand. Then he summed it up for me: “Massive changes were made to the core library to unify some types that had been weirdly different.”

Also, some quick improvements were made to tree-cutting particles/sounds, Bart made it impossible to beam down to planets in the middle of FTL travel, changes were made to smooth out networked item-swinging (i.e- how swinging a tool or weapon shows up to other players on a multiplayer server). Some very old bugs were apparently fixed with Line Rect intersections, which had been subtly causing problems for quite awhile.

But enough about bug fixes! A pretty cool set of enemies with some unique behaviors were added to the game! Here’s a sneak peak of one of ’em– meet Repairbot.


Repairbot’s not too cool with you shooting his friends. :(

I will leave you with a vague gif.

YOeRLqW (1)

‘Til tomorrow!