June 23rd – Making sure you feel welcome!

Hi guys! I continued work on the Outpost today. I’m afraid I don’t have a huge amount to announce, as I’m continuing at my usual pace (including my tendency to obsess over small details). As I’m currently focusing on creating a large number of rooms for the outpost to draw on, I dedicated today to loading the dungeon with numerous lobbies for the game to choose (while carefully incorporating rules to prevent very specific combinations from being used). Since these are going to be the first rooms players pass through in most outposts, I felt it important that they give off a welcoming vibe.

Outpost Lobbies

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing in this fashion. I’ve still got security, storage, dorms, and dining areas to tackle. After all the small rooms are done, then it’ll be on to the layouts, which should result in some much greater variety than you’re currently seeing in the nightly builds.

Until next time!