Jun 20, The Trifecta

Omni has demanded that I also post an update so we can get the rare 3x complete dev collection post combo.

Lately I’ve been working on mostly the AI interface.  I’ve been working on mostly technical things behind the scenes to hook up different bits of functionality to the AI like repairing your ship, but also one kind of neat feature: giving the AI interface a different speech scheme.  Now, when the AI has something to say, it will say it within individual screens, and each screen will have its own “emotion” attached to it.  For example, the AI might start by talking at its normal rate, and then when you hit next, it might get very agitated and the text and animation might speed up, as well as showing an animation for a different emotion.  Think Phoenix Wright.

I’ve done a couple of other odds and ends, like helping metadept fix the wiring bug, as well as adding some capabilities to do custom object collisions.  I’ve also fixed several rendering bugs in our CanvasWidget (fixes glitches with the nav ui) and our text renderer.

Also we have decided because of the positive feedback about the glitch AI that we should make every ship AI a different animal, all with boobs.