July 28th – Crafting Progression

Evening folks!

We’ve put together a comprehensive roadmap of what the players will be able to craft and when, how to unlock new recipes, what ingredients will be needed, and so on. The changes are quite fundamental, and as a result it demands a massive number of configuration changes across the board. Thus the task has fallen to me to make them happen.

Probably the most significant departure is how rather than being a strictly linear progression of gear the whole way across ten tiers, the crafting progression will split into three paths: the Separator, Accelerator and Manipulator.

The Separator gear (crafted from Cerulium and Violium) is for melee-oriented characters. The armors in this bracket will enable them to soak up significantly more damage at the expense of energy reserves.

The Accelerator gear (crafted from Aegisalt and Ferozium) is for the marksman players who favour the use of guns, with the armor providing a considerable amount of energy. This gives them a lot of leeway to continually blast away from a distance and use techs more freely.

The Manipulator gear (crafted from Rubium and Impervium) is for those who enjoy playing glass-cannon characters. The Manipulator’s weapon of choice is the scistaff (which you may recall we implemented a little while ago). The staves will be powerful but require a lot of energy to be used reliably. To this end, the Manipulator armors will have deep energy reserves at the expense of defence.

Of course, you’re not strictly locked to one of these paths. You could easily mix and match gear from each one to create the hybrid of your dreams! We want to give players some fun and flexible playstyles.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think!

Good night!