July 10th Update

Hey guys! Looks like nobody stepped up to write the update today! Allow me to remedy that situation. :)

Afraid I can’t get too in-depth on what everybody else was doing, as I was mostly continuing with the work I described on Tuesday. I did however spend some time helping folks out with their tasks, so I’ll give you a quick summary of what I know!

– George has been working on a whole bunch of stuff. He’s updated a number of our outpost objects to look even slicker than before, as well as some really cool stuff related to the spoiler-laden post written by Tiy yesterday. If you want the progression kept a surprise, I don’t recommend reading it!

– Kyren has continued to work hard on our new tile rendering code. To my non-coder brain it looks incredibly complex, but by the time she’s finished, the game’s performance overall should be markedly better, which is always nice!

– Metadept continued his excellent work with the monsters. Now once a monster goes aggressive, they will remain aggressive unless you trigger them into a fleeing state (which not every monster will be smart/cowardly enough to do).

I’m afraid I don’t know what everybody else was working on, as I tend to get pretty absorbed in my own stuff. It’s not much, but here’s a small sample of the kind of things you can expect to start finding deep underground. We want to add some entirely unique, non-racial stuff too, but for now, this is what I’ve got to show.

A single scientist, deep underground?

I’m always open to any feedback, positive or negative. What kind of things would you like to find deep underground?

Until next time!