Dig a little deeper!

As work continues on progression, the team spent some time today discussing the structure for tier 2 and succeeded in getting a solid plan down. For now I’m slated to continue helping in the design and re-balancing effort, though some of it requires I wait for one of our capable programmers to get a couple of things working. In the meantime, as a side project I’ve been tasked with populating our underground with more microdungeons so there’s more interesting stuff to find as you get deeper. You can look forward to finding more stuff like this!

We want more exciting stuff underground!

I’ve also spent some of my free time starting to update the lights to be wirable as I mentioned in my last post. There’s over 250 objects with lighting to go through and determine whether they need the treatment. Most simply need to be configured properly, though some lack “off” frames in the graphics, so I usually need to create them. This process with each object can be quite time-consuming. Doubly so if they’re animated. Because this will have to remain a side-side-project, it’s going to take me a while, but I’ve finished with all the Apex objects at least.

That’s it from me! See you next time guys!