5th July Progress

Hi guys,

So today we finally got the bed functionality in. It was a lot more complex than it should have been because it required some deep changes to make the player pose-able in new ways. But it’s done at last and now I can go through each of the beds configuring the sleeping animation. Good job Bartwe!



This is a good example of a feature taking longer than expected because a bunch of changes needed to occur to get it working as intended. But it’s there now and tomorrow we can apply the finishing touches to the poses.

Would you prefer the player to be clothed or stripped of their armor when entering a bed?

Outside of this, Kyren is making great strides with the leveling system. She’s currently working on NPC leveling and soon moving onto ore multipliers for planets of varying threat levels.

Omni is finishing up work on a brand new tool, if all goes well we might be able to show it to you tomorrow or the day after. Depending on how many bug fixes need to happen.

Legris has started work on the Glitch intro after finishing all the art for the Floran intro.

George finished up the last of the quest mockups. They’re looking really slick.

Until tomorrow!