6th July Progress

Hi guys,

So another weekend another set of side projects.

Today I experimented with the idea of building extra sections onto your ship block by block. I ended up with something that allowed me to do this:



Honestly I’m not all that happy with how it looks, the mismatch between predrawn + block built ships really doesn’t look good.

Perhaps it’ll work out with some blocks made especially for this purpose? Hull blocks maybe?

I need to experiment with it a bit more and see how it ends up. If I can’t get it looking any better it might not make it into the game :( … though I suppose if you don’t build out your ship you don’t have to.

We also got campsites spawning on planets. They’re pretty rare but they’re nice to come across. You’ll meet NPCs at some of them that may or may not be friendly.



We’ve also configured all the beds in the game now, so when you do find a campsite you can take a rest at one. Resting restores health.



Omni hasn’t quite finished up his new tools yet. He ran into some bugs that slowed him down but he’s back on track now, so *HOPEFULLY* I can show you something of those tomorrow.

Cheers guys