4th September Progress

Hey, sorry for the late update!

Yesterday we made a bunch of progress on unique NPCs. GeorgeV posted one of his creations on Twitter– The Po! One of the game’s sillier enemies, The Po lives in the sewers and they are…made of poop. So there you go. They come in a few variations, but here’s one:



The cutest little poop you’ve ever seen.

Double jump was implemented, which is slightly more complicated than it sounds. One of those really simple but widely used features. We made a bunch of progress on the dungeon Armagon’s been showing off, but we’ve already shown a few screenshots of that and I’d rather not spoil the whole thing.

Today we’re largely on the same track! Working on unique monsters is especially really exciting, because it’s something we haven’t had a chance to concentrate on in awhile.

Til tomorrow!