4th July – Where the Fluffalo Roam

Hey everyone! And Happy 4th of July, Americafriends!

The addition of Fluffalo has allowed for a reliable source of otherwise rare crafting materials in Starbound – plus, they’re adorable! There’s more work still to be done on balancing crafting, though, particularly in Survival Mode where food is essential. With that in mind, you can now tame chickens, robot chickens and Mooshi!

You can purchase livestock at Terramart at the Outpost, but they won’t start producing materials for you right away – you’ll need keep them safe long enough for them to mature.
Chickens will produce eggs, robot chickens produce batteries, and Mooshi produce milk!


Also! Look out for a special Starbound stream on our Twitch channel this Friday at 5pm GMT.

‘Til next time! <3