30th May Progress

Let’s see what’s going on today in Chucklefish Land…

On the creative / artist side, there was some more work done on cooking and cooking recipes, and a lot of cooking recipes were added, along with some more crafting objects to do different sorts of cooking.  There was also some code work done to crafting to enable more types of crafting / cooking windows to be opened.  Also I believe more hats were drawn.

On the coding side, like I said before there was work done to support more kinds of crafting, bartwe is working on fleshing out more functionality in the container UI code, and omni did some more work on the sound system and also tying some of that functionality to the options screen.

Also, I finally have the monster spawner naturally spawn flying creatures and fish :D

So, bit of a short update today, sorry about that.  We’re still hard at work, though!  There will be more tomorrow, and hopefully nice juicy screenshots.