31st May Update

Heya folks.

Sorry, but today’s update is going to be a bit of a short one.  Most of the group had some responsibilities to take care of.  There’s always a few people taking care of business, and they generally don’t get mentioned in the updates.  Today just happened to have most of everyone busy with life.  For instance, I spent most of the day mopping and vacuuming my girlfriend’s floor.  But I came online to rescue you, dear reader, from a completely missing update.

Tiy and Kyren worked mostly on the server.  Trying to get WordPress plugins installed and make things work.  Since the move there have been a few issues, which we’ve been working slowly but surely to resolve.  Hopefully, things should be getting better, but this shit is time consuming. :/

Legris finally finished the Avian Introduction Story Cutscene.  It’s very pretty, but we cannot reveal it because spoilers, etc. :(

Kyren is working on enemy monster mechanics still.  She’s doing, among other things, “fish flopping on land” AI.  Fun stuff.  Next on the plate according to Da List is humanoid enemies, that can have equipment and weapons just like you.

I’m still pecking away at the options menu.  Sorry about the delay.  I had a bit of life get involved, and it turns out that my window for actually spending quality time with the girlfriend ends tomorrow at 9AM.  This is sad for me, but wonderful for you, because it means I’ll be focusing a lot more on work.

Armagon is working on an Avian Airship dungeon.  Think SMB3 style.  It’s pretty neat.

Bartwe did a very minor change to humanoid drawing order to fix a subtle issue with faces.

And that’s it for today!  Some of the things that you’ll see in upcoming days is putting the respawn animation into the game, working on making ships upgradable in game, and more!