29th September Progress


We did a bit more work on NPCs today! Mostly in the way of adding dialogue. We want NPCs to have a really decent variety of things to say to the player depending on their race.

At the moment we’re aiming for about 40 dialogue options per race for standard villagers. So…a Glitch villager will have at least 40 different things to say to an Avian, 40 different things to say to an Apex, etc.


As far as AI progress goes, villagers will be more inclined to hang out outdoors during the day, and while they’re out there they’ll work the fields! We’ve also limited the amount of guard NPCs that will run after you when you’ve committed a crime, so you won’t have a hundred guards on your tail at once, humorous as that can be.

That’s all I’ll say for today! Goodnight guys. :)