29th July Progress

Hello guys!

Another day full of new content!

Kyren is well underway on the new NPC behaviours, we really want them to behave naturally so it’s a nice challenge.

Omni completed the monster portraits on the monster healthbar UI, they’re no longer floating severed monster heads.

Bartwe worked on a bunch of loot related tweaks, as well as continuing work on ‘action music’ when combat ramps up.

Armagon added a whole bunch of new sounds to the game as well as working on some of his dungeons.

Legris added a verrry pretty new biome that I shouldn’t reveal

George continues to work on his bosses (and their minions).

Rho is doing a whole bunch of animation work on boss attacks (beams, explosions, etc).

I added a whole bunch of new underground layers and configured bits and pieces throughout the game.





In other Chucklefish news!

The latest build of Risk of Rain just came out and the game finally has online coop! It’s still in alpha but it’s an incredible amount of fun.

If you’re interested in RoR (or already own it!) you can read about the update here: http://riskofraingame.com/ It also contains a whole bunch of new classes/content.

Also, here are a few keys:



I almost forgot, vote RoR up on greenlight here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131467288/ !