28 April – Total Warhammer


I hope yesterday’s stable bugfix patch is working out well for everyone so far. And in case you missed it, Tiy wrote a big post about colonies and the endgame. Excitement!

spearsnhammerstransparentSupernorn’s been working to replace many of our existing weapons for the combat update, as well as adding new ones! Previously we’ve shown off the new axes, and now he’s replaced spears and hammers which you can see above (click for full-size). We think they fit quite a bit better with the theme of the game. :) What do you think?

EDIT: It’s worth noting that the colors shown above aren’t the only possible color combinations! They’re just an example.

Necotho’s been working on mini-dungeons for ocean biomes, and they’re looking awesomely eery. We’re all looking forward to oceans feeling a bit more mysterious and exciting!

mwMQwPXThat’s all for tonight. See you tomorrow! <3