26th June Progress

Hello guys.

A super busy day!

Direct 3d / Direct X support is now complete. It’s made a huge difference on cards that don’t support OpenGL all that well. A massive performance increase. So that’s great.

Legris is working on the Floran intro, which is suitably creepy.

Rho has completed the final tier of ore based objects.

George is starting on the last of the dungeon art.

I continue to write descriptions. I’m now at well over 2000 and completely entrenched in lore.

Bartwe worked on the way NPCs/Monsters are spawned in procedurally generated dungeons.

Kyren has moved onto some of the leveling/scaling mechanics after finishing D3D support.

Omni has completed a pose system for player characters.

Today I also heard Malukah’s first draft of her Starbound song. It’s absolutely wonderful!