27th June Progress

Hey all,

One of those posts where we’re all continuing with larger tasks today I’m afraid.

I continue to finish up the description system. I’m almost done now (I skipped sleep last night to do it).

It’s adding so much life to the game, I’m excited to have it finished.

Kyren continues to work on how planets change at different levels. This is a large task because it ties into almost every part of the game. The kind of drops you find, the ore distributions, monsters and so on.

Bartwe finished some new consumable functionality that allows us to finish up the rest of the food items.

Omni is finishing up the sleep system, hopefully that will be in place tomorrow.

George is working on finishing up the final dungeons.

Legris is tearing through the intro content.

Rho is working on various animation work that’s needed finishing for a while.


Also I’ve set up a Q&A thread on the forums. Take a look at that here:



I’m falling asleep as I type. So I’d better leave it here.