25th June Progress

Waz everyone! I guess it’s my turn to supply you with the daily update!

It’s a small-ish update today – Tiy continues his description marathon. So far all of the Apex objects are done and each have 7 different descriptions for every race, which we tested ingame today. It was actually pretty fun! A lot of the objects have descriptions that tie into each other – examining a cupboard as an Apex would reminisce about a past rebellion, but examining it as a Glitch would notice a hidden camera inside.

Even though D3D was implemented yesterday, it had a couple of bugs that needed to be combed over, so thanks to Kyren it’s totally completely in and working now. I tried it myself a few hours ago – the performance is very noticeable as a Windows user.

Furniture work continues – between George and I, we’ve completed all of the tier-based furniture bar the final tier, which we’re trying to find a theme suitably awesome enough to merit the highest tier. Each tier will have a basic set of craftable furniture, and we’ve tried to get as many themes as we can into it, ranging from antique cast-iron, to futuristic sci-fi, to spikes and eyeballs. The sets consist of: Chair, Table, Switch/Console, Bed, Light and Door. I also did a bit of work on the player ships, which are one away from being completely finished.

That’s all for today! Thank you, good night!