24th June Progress

Hi guys

Today we set about revamping the examination system. Where examining an object used to bring up a tool tip with a description of the object in it (still accessible when the object is obtained). Your character will now comment on the object directly. Not only that but each race will comment on objects differently. This leads to some vary interesting scenarios where, for example,  you might ask your friend playing as an avian to examine an object you found in an Avian tomb because their knowledge might be greater than your own.



Of course this means I need to write 6 descriptions for everything you can investigate. Which is well over 6000+ descriptions.  So you can guess what I spent the day doing.

I managed to complete over 800 so far. Quite a way to go on that then!

We’ve also been running a bunch of tests on D3D mode, completing the last of the ore based furniture, working on beds, finishing the next intro, adding a ton of new sounds and more.