26th July Progress

Hi guys,

So ore distributions based on planet levels (we’ve had regular ore distribution for a long time) was finished today. My god the numbers, the numbers!!

I’m currently drowning in probabilities making sure I’m happy with how often each ore spawns, at each level, at each depth.

A bunch more biome work was completed. Particularly on ice and glacier minibiomes.

A bunch more of the initial tutorial quests were finished. We also added a nice jingle that occurs when the quest complete screen pops up. Jingles are important!



I should probably stop posting pictures of quest windows. Especially when I’m posting about sound. But it’s just so satisfying when they pop up!

Work on the first boss is going well, can you guess what it is? We should get a boss idea thread going on the forums.

With ore distribution out of the way, we’re going to be moving onto the finer points of humanoid NPCs. Having them chat to you, give you quests and sell you goodies.

That will likely come after the weekend though. Ideas for fun features we should work on in our down time this weekend?