25th July Update

Hi Guys,

Today’s blog post got saved as a draft instead of posted. I guess I misclicked.

I was at a business meeting all morning so I’m only just now finding out about it.


Today we added a whole bunch of new, fun items. Many of which are hilarious. We’re aiming to fill the game to the brim with things to find that make you smile.

We also added a couple more minibiomes. One of which is definitely my favourite so far.

I’m currently working on getting pools of treasure into all of the dungeons. To make sure there are fun things to find wherever you go.



We’re finishing off the last pieces of GUI work (GUI work is always mind numbing, so this is a big thing for us). And finishing the last pieces of the progression system (though there is still content to add there.)


More than ever I feel like we’re not just building a game. But a platform for future adventures and storytelling. A sandbox we (and you!) are going to be able to build an endless array of content on top of.