24th July Progress

Hi guys!

So on top of adding a bunch more biome content / things to find (that’s happening every day lately),  Bartwe moved heaven and earth to make this happen:



This isn’t a mockup. Our quest system is go!  When humanoid NPCs are finished off we’re going to be adding a ton of quest templates.

I know some of you are concerned about the font. We’re looking into making it more readable without completely ruining the style.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on the way various elements of the game change as you visit planets of higher levels.

Finally we’re starting work on our first boss, it’s rather elaborate but very cool. Aside from minibosses, there will be a boss at the end of each tier of play. I’d show you a screenshot of that if I could, but that’s a majorrr spoiler :P we’re also going to try and make sure any regular mob can become a miniboss.

That’s all for today.