24th March – Tailor Moon


When you gather a crew on your ship, they’ll all have different roles that are indicated by the color of their uniform. For example, soldiers wear red, and medics wear white. By default, they’ll wear the uniform of the Terrene Protectorate. However, you might want your own custom uniform to help your crew stand out! Recruiting a tailor, seen here in the black uniform, is just what you need…


Why yes, I DID hear that the necktie-and-tutu look was in this season!


Your whole crew will change to match your outfit! Helpfully, their outfits will still stay the colours that match their job so you will still know what everyone’s role is.


Speaking of jobs, not only will having a medic heal you aboard your ship, but if you bring them along in battle, they’ll occasionally use med kits on you to heal you. Helpful! There’s other roles with unique abilities, too. Keep an eye out for them!

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