23rd May Progress

Hi guys,

So today we put the finishing touches on in game chat with character expressions.

When you type now your characters lips will move. Typing in various different ways or using emotes like :o or ;) will cause your character to mirror those emotes.

Here’s a terribad video of it in action:

You probably want to watch it in 720p full screen, to actually see the animations.

Work has been going on with the art for mechs / other vehicles.

They’re starting to look really nice:



We’ve also been working on adding more ‘Terrain features’. These are small portions of terrain that make use of our dungeon system code to place very interesting set pieces on the terrain. They blend in nicely with existing terrain and there are hundreds of them.

Here’s an example of a terrain feature, a natural bridge:

bridgeTerrain features look different depending on the planet they appear on. We wanted a way to create natural structures the terrain gen would struggle to create naturally.