22nd May Progress

Hello guys,

Today we finally got the speech bubbles nicely finished up. They’ve taken a little while because they’re much more complex than they look.

Now they’re automatically arranged nicely so you can easily follow a conversation, even between a lot of different people.

conversationWe’ve also been working a bunch on the games intro sequences. These are comic sequences with narration that set the scene for each race.

An example of some of the art:



Legris is amazing!

We continue to work on NPC stuff that I can’t really show off yet.

A lot of work is going on with cooking and various recipes and meals you can make.

Biome and terrain work is ongoing, I think I’m going to show off a bit more about how the terrain works tomorrow.


Also a thank you to everyone sending us narration auditions. It’s going to take a little while for us to go through them all.