21st May Progress

A small one tonight guys,

We’re working on a bunch of things I can’t really post too many screenshots of because they’d be outright spoilers.

But just to keep you in the loop.

The tricky final polishing on the Speech bubbles is being finished up.

Work on flying NPC behavior is ongoing, as well as additional work on various behavior scripts.

A ton of unique ore based weapons have been created and more are coming. A full set of weaponry for each race at each tier is being produced. That’s 60 ore based weapons per race. Not including other uniques.

Biome work is constantly on going.

The avian tomb generator is being fleshed out a bit more.

The transition between ship upgrades is being worked on.

A whole bunch of cooking recipes are being designed.

We’re beginning work on the in game option menu.

and a bunch more stuff

Here’s a random screenshot: