24th May Progress

A really short one today folks,

Today we’ve been swamped with dealing with webserver stuff, so we didn’t get as much done as we usually do.

That said, we’ve now got a whole bunch of nifty functions to use in the intro comics, zooming, fading, that sort of thing.

As part of the flying NPCs update, Kyren has begun adding some nifty functionality to player physics that will allow us to do some really neat powerups.

We’ve got tons of mechs being produced by our artists. There will be at least 1 mech and 1 hoverbike per race.

We’re working on the in game options menu, which we haven’t bothered with for a long time (the defaults are good!) but we figured we should finally get it done.

A lot of costumes and clothes are going in, some of which terrify me..

We changed up the travel sounds, now theres more of a thunder boom as you enter hyperspace

Sorry for the lack of screenshots! Anything I screenshot for today would be spoilery.