22nd July Progress

Hey guys,

Today we continued our bug fixing spree. A ton of small bugs were fixed. We also managed to cut bandwidth usage in half when playing multiplayer! Which is awesome.

The artists and I have been working hard on adding new mini-biomes and filling them with content and fun things to find. We added 3 more minibiomes today, each of which contains chests, blueprints, furniture to find, weapons, statues, new building materials and so on. These are all super unique drops that I’d rather not spoil with screenshots. But it makes hunting around for new items really fun.

I also completed the naming system for weapons today, names are procedurally generated and of course immediately after completing it I found a tier 1 weapon called ‘the useless slapper’ -_-

We’re also making a few small changes to the GUI. We’re having it display the health of the last monster you hit, streets of rage style. For a while we had health bars above the monsters heads but it was far too intrusive. This ought to fit nicely.

We also added tar as a new liquid. It was needed to finish up the appearance of one of the minibiomes. I should probably figure out something else to do with it though.

We’re now at 859 place-able objects, 102 building materials, 365 non procedurally generated melee weapons, 22 instruments, 383 non procedurally generated pieces of armor, 55 miscellaneous items and a bunch of other stuff we haven’t talked too much about yet. That’s on top of the procedurally generated weaponry