21st June Progress

Hello Chaps,

Things continue to come together today.

Much of the ore based furniture is complete, it’s absolutely wonderful stuff but it’d be far too much of a spoiler to show off :( so no screenshots this time.

To make up for that, here’s a terrible ‘It’s-5am-and-I-don’t-want-to-wait-for-the-video-to-upload’ quality recording of the human intro sequence (which is work in progress!)

We’re putting the finishing touches on the direct 3d code. We’ve cleaned up the humanoid code so we can make use of various frames to create new animations (like sleeping).

I’d also like to introduce Copic, an AI programmer working on new behaviors for NPCs and Monsters. Copic has worked on a bunch of games (19, he informs me!) you probably know the name of, including AI in games like Assassins Creed. He made his first commit today. *Blows party whistle*.

We’ve also fixed another bunch of bugs, finished up the last bits and pieces of the knockback stuff we were working on yesterday and tweaked some visual stuff.

Until next time!