20th June Progress

Hey folks,

First off that explosion animation I promised yesterday:




So what did we do today.

First off we finally got all of the respawn animations in game. They’ve been ready for implementation for a while, but actually configuring the cutscenes, making sure everything happens at exactly the right moment took forever!

It was one of those fiddly “change a value by 0.01 seconds and reload the game to see if it looks better” things. Took a total of around 4 straight hours of that. But it’s awesome to have them in!

Work continued on beds, we have occupied art for all of the different kinds of beds now.



Also a nifty little sleep animation has been set up.

We corrected a performance problem that occured when you have access to every crafting recipe in the game. The list was just so huge that it was slowing the game down. Now the engine handles that intelligently.

We now have ‘per monster type damage response’ which means different monsters can react differently to strikes of different intensity. (That’s a lot of different’s)

Direct 3D support is taking a bit longer than expected, but should be completed soon.. the 3 renderers we use have had to be combined into one monster renderer due to some differences in the way directx handles things like lines, and it turns out opengl code had leaked out of where it needed to be!  It’s all under control now though, won’t be long.