19th June Progress

Good eeeeveeening.

Today was another busy day, it feels like we’re working at a blistering pace lately. Which is good!

We completed a whole bunch of miscellaneous bits and bobs. Whilst finishing up the optimization and direct X implementation.

Let me list off some of the random bits and bobs we completed today.



We added mannequins to armor previews.

Beds have been prepared for sleep/rest implementation. They have multiple layers so you can actually see your character inside the bed.

Here’s that same wooden dummy getting into bed



He isn’t quite positioned correctly yet, but we’ll fix that up tomorrow.

We redid the explosion art.

It looks *really* good in motion, I’m super pleased with it now. But not so great in screenshots.

I’ll try and get a gif of it tomorrow



You can now access your logbook from the hud which is nice and handy


Plus a wholeeee bunch of miscellaneous changes.