19th May Progress

Hey again guys,


Been working on a whole bunch of different things today.

Everyone is working hard. Kyren is working on NPC pathing, making them a whole lot smarter.

There’s not too much I can show in a screenshot there, but it’s going to round off combat nicely.

After we’re done with the path finding and a few more tweaks we can really begin to show off the combat. It’s shaping up to be very interesting.


Bartwe has been working on speech bubbles, they’re currently very very ugly (as you can see), but the important thing is they work. Tomorrow we’ll be working on making them look much nicer.



Omni has been working on the finishing touches to the travel animation.

Here’s a little video of that:

Also apparently my ship supports skype.

The artists continue to work on their wonderful super secret stuff, but I don’t want to spoil too much! So I’ll let you find those yourselves.