17th July Progress

Hi guys, another super productive day today!

The majority of the day was spent making use of Kyrens new treasure pool system that allows us to set up treasure chests that are leveled nicely with content that fits the stage of the game you’re at.

We’ve been ensuring each of the games mini biomes have a good deal of treasure to find. Treasure includes unique consumables, weapons, crops, costumes and even furniture sets.

We’ve also been finishing up the dye system, in which the player can take petals from various flowers. Turn them into dye and mix the dye to achieve various colours. The dyes can then be applied to armor, costumes and some other items.

Also added was a clothes crafting system, which is ready to go. Our art team will be filling it with all sorts of clothing. I’m still trying to decide where fabrics should be obtained. Thoughts?

I’m afraid I don’t want to show off too many screenshots of these things because they’re all massively spoilery and I want you to find them yourselves.

But in the interests of giving you a screenshot. Here’s a field of flowers: