15th + 16th October Progress

Hey guys!

The last two days have largely been about fixing bugs and prepping dungeons!

Still working out the kinks on interesting terrain generation while prepping player tech (think stuff like the dashing and double-jumping) and fixing ALL the bugs.

NPCs are still being worked on- security cameras behavior especially, and some changes were recently made to guard NPCs so that just one nearby guard will bother you about putting your weapons away instead of…all of them at once, which was kind of annoying!

I hate to just say things like “more minibiomes are being set up!” and “Armagon’s working on the next dungeon!” without going into detail, but…I can’t really go into detail without spoiling things, can I? And I already spoil lots. Anyway those are things that are, in fact, happening! Whoa!

We’re also working on fixing any unfinished or broken item/weapon names and descriptions. Considering each race has something different to say about every single item, that can be preeetty tedious.

Also Tiy added some pretty butterflies.

PS- Here’s what happens when the team’s trying to decide which horse mech looks more like an actual horse:



PPS- Here are the actual work-in-progress sprites minus silliness:

ss (2013-10-16 at 01.24.00)