14th August Update

Evening, guys!

Another long day of tweaks, improvements and additions! You’re gonna see a bunch of that this week leading into next, really, but after next weekend’s expo things will start to pick up with more interesting updates again.

On my end, I’ve been working on implementing the crafting recipes for starter foods and clothes. The assets have all been there, but configuring recipes for them gives players the means to actually craft them in-game. So…pretty important stuff to have in there!

Again, we’ve made a bunch of little UI improvements- adding the menu background you see when you hit the “esc” button, improving the way quests are listed, and fixing even more action bar bugs.

Some more battle music was added, Tiy fiddled around with planetary temperatures, and I believe some final tweaks were made to the first boss’ behavior patterns. Maybe final tweaks. Y’never know.

There aren’t really any relevant screenshots I could show you that you haven’t seen before, so I made a snowy night time guitar gif instead because reasons.