13 August Progress

Hello there!

Legris here hijacking Bart’s account!
Been a while since I made one of these, seems a few of the other devs fell asleep on their keyboards before posting a daily, so let’s see what’s been happening today!

First off there has been a few changes to our main menu screen, we changed the character selection screen to be a bit more functional and nice looking. Curtis also
made us a brand new track to go with it that’s in fact so good I was staring a good while on the character creator just listening to it,
the song is well over 10 minutes too.

Character selection menu

The new character selection menu.
As for the art side of things, more UI work has been done, slight tweaks mostly, I added a ton of new low level weapons to be found at the start of the game, rusty old
gear that hopefully will help you early on!

Classic. Blinking whenever a photo is being taken.

Bonus picture, my axe doesn’t even scratch this guy, it’s probably a good idea to run into these dark mines…
Until next time!