15th August Progress

Hello there

Sadly the services we use to collaborate have been up and down for much of the day, making it difficult for us to get work done. That said we did manage to sneak in some changes between outages.. let’s see..

We produced a bunch of work on armor tooltips and the way armor stats are displayed to the player. The armor and warmth of various clothing is far more clear now. The system also allows us to describe other status effects and augmentations nicely in tooltips.

Another massive bunch of bug fixes were made. We had a bug where armor held in your hands was having its stats applied as if worn. That was nicely stamped out. We also had a bug where players stripping down to enter a bed were freezing to death. Beds are no longer death traps on cold planets.

Speaking of cold planets, planet temperatures were rebalanced across the board.

A whole bunch of clothing was added to the clothes crafting interface.

Visual armor slots are now functioning fully.

A big bunch of graphics fixes were made across the game and even more battle music was added.

I’m super excited about my first nights sleep before 3am in a while! :P So goodnight guys.

Are any of you going to be at i49?