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16th June – Dog friends!

Hey everyone!


We’ve done a lot of work on the action bar based on player feedback! You can toggle between two bars now, with each one containing six pairs of left/right slots. It’s tricky to describe, so here’s a gif!

You may want to use your favorite sword/shield combo most of the time, but maybe you’ll find yourself in lots of situations where it’d be useful to have a sword in one hand and a medkit in the other! Or maybe sometimes you’ll want to quickly swap to dual-wielding daggers, or fist weapons! The new action bar makes this far easier.

Also, now you can capture dog friends!

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13th June – Mannequin Shenanigans

Hey everyone!

If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen this over the weekend – Metadept implemented mannequins! These allow you to easily display armor or outfits on your ship or in your home. Since some equipment has gender variants, you can swap your mannequin’s gender depending on what you’d like to display.

No guarantees that your Crasberry will approve of your fashion choices.

Supernorn has implemented more Floran and Apex colors as well, as those have been requested for some time. I’m especially excited about the pretty pastels!

tech apexpastelsgif

Let us know what you think about the new colors! ‘Til next time! <3

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Community Spotlight: Fan Art!

Hi everyone! This is Lili doing my first blog post.

For anyone not familiar, I am a Chucklefish artist. I do a lot of sketches and illustrations! You might’ve seen me lurking on the fan art section of the forums recently…

The last couple of days me and Mollygos have been scouting for some nice fan art. We love fan art here at Chucklefish – it shows us that people care about what we do and that the creativity that we express in the studio inspires other people.

We want to share some recent favourites with you guys, because they are awesome!

I hope I can continue to do some fan art highlights in the future too! I will keep my eyes open for more art, so keep arting!!!! <3

fanartbanner (2)

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