What are we working on?

A quick update on what each member of the team is working on at the moment!

Kyren‘s been hard at work putting the finishing touches on object integration and tweaking the netcode; it’s now at a point that online play is very very smooth and seamless. Net play has been in for a while, but it wasn’t featured in the last update because we wanted it to be more about the fantastic lighting she did.

Among making various assets, Tiy‘s actually been working more on the code side of things – defining and inputting assets, setting to work on putting as many finished things as possible into the game for testing.

Omni is specifically working on creatures; defining their AI and behaviours and recently got flying creatures working. Flying creatures were a problem because we have winged creatures, which have to move a specific way to look right. The solution we came up with for winged creatures in particular is pretty ingenious, maybe we’ll be able to show it to you in a future update!

George has gotten lots of random armors done, along with some creatures and object work to keep things varied. The random armors in particular are a very hard and lengthy process, so great job George!

Legris the Tree Master is focusing mainly on the biome side of things – parallax, plant and tree (big surprise!) production. Right now he’s concepting a system for dynamic trees, which could mean trees being much more varied.

Lastly, I (Rho) have been working mostly on creature production, inparticular on the contest winners, as well as various other things. Congratulations, by the way!


Here’s Tiy messing with a flashlight whilst I stand lookout

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